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Load Banks Testing For Hospitals & Healthcare

Keeping your patients safe with

accurate and efficient load testing

Why You Need ComRent

A power outage at a medical facility can have life or death consequences. If your emergency backup generators don’t synchronize and support the facility power systems immediately, patient safety is threatened and it can put your hospital in non-compliance of federal requirements for hospital backup power systems. Load bank testing is the most flexible method to validate critical power systems and can help your facility meet Joint Commission E.C. 7,40, ASHE and NFPA standards.

When Patient Safety Is Your First Priority

Reliable power is crucial to your facility, your equipment, and the welfare of your patients. Our load banks provide a constant, sustainable, and controllable load to simulate real-life scenarios and uncover potential problems in a controlled environment where life and systems aren’t put at risk.

Available Inventory

Testing your facility on a quarterly basis is the most effective way to ensure your backup power system will work the way you need it too. Our extensive inventory is readily available, allowing you to keep a consistent testing schedule.

Accurate Testing

Using resistive and reactive load bank solutions, you can accurately test the hospital backup generators and switchgears to name plate specifications. Our technicians manage your entire load test from setup to tear down, ensuring accurate results.

Consultative Planning

Your healthcare facility’s emergency power generation system must comply with a variety of standards and code requirements. Our team of experts leverage their years of experience supporting the healthcare industry to understand your facility and build a customized testing plan tailored to your needs.


Consistent testing is the only way to confirm the dependable operation of your backup power systems. When you partner with us, you will have access to an expert technician every step of the way from planning, set-up, troubleshooting, testing, and tear-down.

The Importance of Generator Load Testing

Your backup generators are the only option you have when your healthcare facility experiences an outage. To keep your patients safe and your equipment protected, load bank testing is the solution. Our latest white paper offers a comprehensive explanation of the value load bank testing provides for mission-critical systems.

Read our white paper

Solutions Fueled By Technology

We pair our deep expertise in load bank application with our innovative nature to develop cutting-edge load testing solutions designed to keep your facility producing consistent and reliable power.

Customize Your Load Testing Solutions

If you are searching for the right equipment for your healthcare facility, our load bank experts will design a custom package to solve all your load testing needs.

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